CGHE celebrates launch of Japan’s Hepatitis Elimination Project

CGHE celebrates launch of Japan’s Hepatitis Elimination Project

Dr. John Ward at the Conference

On July 27th, the Hepatitis Elimination Project was launched in Japan as a collaboration between AbbVie GK and Roche Diagnostics with the mission to promote the elimination of hepatitis C through strengthening existing elimination strategies and developing new approaches. Japan has made strides to reduce hepatitis mortality but still remains in the top 20 countries for HCV-related deaths.

The Hepatitis Elimination Project aims to help Japan achieve the WHO hepatitis elimination goals. In 2016, the World Health Organization (WHO) General Assembly unanimously adopted a strategy to eliminate viral hepatitis by 2030. The World Health Organization has defined elimination as a 90% reduction in incidence and a 65% reduction in mortality for hepatitis B and C from 2015 to 2030. 

The program held a virtual press conference on November 11th to present its report on the clinical and economic benefits of reaching the WHO 2030 hepatitis C elimination targets in Japan.  Dr. John Ward participated in the press conference by providing an overview of global elimination efforts and introducing the Coalition. Other participants in the conference included representatives from the New Era Strategic Research Institute (INES), Hosei University, and Roche Diagnostics.  

The modeling of HCV presented demonstrated that Japan is not on track to achieve the WHO 2030 elimination targets if the nation’s diagnosis and treatment rates continue to decline. Some policy recommendations put forth to reduce this trend include mandatory hepatitis screenings, increased attention towards high-risk populations such as people who inject drugs and prisoners, and advocacy to create a health system that works collaboratively with primary care physicians, local governments, and reference hospitals. The modeling presented was performed by INES.

Through conducting research into the clinical and economic outcomes of treating patients with chronic hepatitis C, the project seeks to influence public policy with regard to hepatitis elimination in Japan. Additionally, the organization hopes to accomplish its goals by raising awareness of hepatitis elimination, providing technical assistance in elimination efforts, conducting surveys to create evidence-based policy recommendations, and enabling the private sector to carry out awareness campaigns and screening campaigns. 

The Coalition for Global Hepatitis Elimination is excited to welcome the Hepatitis Elimination Project to the community of practice working to eliminate hepatitis. Knowledge and expertise from our Japanese colleagues will be a great addition to informing global policies and programs.

Learn more about the Hepatitis Elimination Project.


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