Hep Test Webinar Series

Hep Test Series

Hep Test Webinar Series

To begin to systematically address the barriers that limit access to HBV and HCV testing, CGHE is convening a webinar series called Hep Test to foster a community of practice of global, national and local stakeholders committed to the scale-up of HBV and HCV testing to reach goals for hepatitis elimination.

The objectives of HepTest are to:

1) Share challenges and lessons learned in scaling-up HBV and HCV testing;

2) Build support for testing programs;

3) Disseminate innovations in test technologies and strategies; and

4) Identify new research needs.

The series kicked off during the United Nations General Assembly to reinforce the Sustainable Development Goal 3.3, “combatting viral hepatitis.” The convening of Hep Test is also in step with the 2020 UNGA theme of “Reaffirming our Collective Commitment to Multilateralism. “The Hep Test community of practice will then meet on four other occasions over the next 9 months to explore a variety of topics related to HBV and HCV testing. All webinar sessions will be recorded for later viewing and published with a summary report. The takeaways from the series will be shared during the World Health Assembly 2021 and a published commentary.

Last day updated 21 Nov 2020
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A Global Tour of Options for Scaling-Up HCV Testing to Reach Elimination Goals

Watch the next webinar in the Hep Test Series where we take an inside look into effective HCV testing strategies implemented by programs across the world.

Programs presenting include: Egypt HCV Elimination Program, Georgia HCV Elimination Program, Rwanda HCV Elimination Program, Mexico HCV Elimination Program, and the Ho Chi Minh City CHIME Program