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The Coalition for Global Hepatitis Elimination (CGHE) is working towards acceleration of hepatitis B and C elimination by strengthening the capacity of national and sub-national elimination programs through advocacy, technical assistance, research, knowledge generation and dissemination among partners united in a community of practice. 

The five strategic areas of CGHE are described more below:

  1.  Community of practice: CGHE is a community of practice for hepatitis elimination comprised of public and private funding organizations, global health organizations, technical experts and implementing programs.  CGHE provides data dashboards regarding disease burden and progress toward elimination goals.  Countries and sub-national programs share the status of program development and their experiences in implementing prevention, care, and treatment strategies within existing health systems.
  2. Building the evidence base: CGHE provides reliable information to guide program planning. CGHE links to normative guidance from WHO and other authoritative organizations. CGHE provides a repository of pre-appraised, synthesized evidence (systematic reviews and guidance documents). CGHE staff help partners, particularly in low and middle income countries, prepare reports to inform CGHE partners and to publish in peer-review publication.    
  3. Technical assistance: CGHE is a Help Desk for hepatitis elimination. Guided by a Technical Advisory Board, CGHE promotes peer-to-peer consultations among partners conducting similar activities, makes available technical experts for consultation to address specific issues and develops web-based tools for budget-based planning and other activities.  
  4. Operational research: Through information sharing and responsive technical assistance, CGHE provides the community of practice to reach consensus on priorities for operational research.  After completion of an operational research agenda, CGHE coordinates research activities. CGHE serves as a repository of information regarding research activities.
  5. Community mobilization and advocacy: CGHE assists community mobilization and stakeholder engagement. CGHE disseminates health promotion campaigns, and in collaboration with implementing programs prepares model communication tools to increase awareness of hepatitis elimination among stakeholders and the public. CGHE honors the work of Hepatitis Elimination Champions” responsible for major advances in hepatitis elimination in their communities. 
Last day updated 13 Apr 2020